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thrivecart lifetime deal

If you are considering that the main benefit of ThriveCart is the one time fee, you are seriously missing the big picture and probably missing out BIG TIME.

Let me explain…

Focusing on, and categorizing us as a ‘one time lifetime deal platform’ will stop you from realizing (and therefore benefiting from) the absolute quality and power of the platform you have been able to get for the special current price.

As a platform, Thrivecart provides:

  • The most powerful and flexible affiliate platform in the industry, bar none, regardless of price. (This can create, run and power multimillion dollar affiliate programs with ease and is more than entire dedicated platforms)
  • Built in sales tax calculation at no extra cost to you (services like this usually cost you a monthly subscription)
  • Built in intelligent Dunning functionality (auto subscription chasing and saving technology that usually costs a monthly subscription)
  • The highest quality engineered enterprise level software out there. The founder has advised and consulted with many of the brands you know out there and was one of the first people to create software for the Internet marketing space and have been running platforms with thousands of users for over a decade.
    They develop high quality, secure software that doesn’t rely on our dated technology.
  • Built in intelligent reporting and business metrics including comparison mode and smart projections for your business. All with customizable views and works with your payment processors. (Again, comparable to something like Baremetrics that doesn’t work will all payment processors and costs up to hundreds a month)
  • An entire affiliate platform that really should be its own platform that they charge thousands for a year on its own… it’s the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive platform available and powers tens of millions of dollars of affiliate transactions a year.
  • High converting carts, designed not just to look like a good reason to buy the product, but actually designed to convert based on a decade of running and creating 7-8 figure launches and promotions both for Thrivecart and other big names in the industry. That experience is poured into the platform to ensure YOU convert better and therefore make more because you use it.
  • Funnel creation, so you can quickly create funnels right inside TC without other platforms. Success and profit LOVES speed. People obsess over small tech details and let that get in the way of forward momentum. The system is designed to get you selling fast with simple tunnels. (And now they have just been massively upgraded)
  • The MOST powerful and flexible cart editor available.
    Some people have fixated on comparing it to a page builder platform which is another entire platform completely. This isn’t what Thrivecart is.

We’re a cart platform and when compared with cart platforms we provide the most easy to use, flexible and powerful editing and easy customisation in the industry. (Just released)

  • 1 Click flexible bump offers to increase average value per customer.
  • 1 Click upsells and intelligent upsell replacement to increase revenue.
  • Built in easy split testing so you can quickly set up tests to see what’s working and what might further improve conversions with no other software needed.
  • Multi-step, single step, pop up, embed and sales cart flows to chose from so you can customise the entire flow easily.
  • Powerful and easy to set up auto rules so you can automate your entire business and set up functionality that automatically happens based on sales, refunds, stats, affiliate behavior and more. This is the most advanced rule system available.
  • Entire customers hub allow your customers to access and view their purchase history, invoice info and change their billing info and personal info easily.
  • Affiliate dashboard for every one of your affiliates so they can view stats, commissions and more easily.
  • Plus literally hundreds of other powerful features for your business.

Thrivecart has hundreds of multi-million dollar businesses who run and power their entire business through ThriveCart (including ourselves… we run everything through ThriveCart)

They transact more than a $1MILL a DAY for businesses around the globe.

They have over 70,000 vendors and affiliates successfully using the platform globally.

They’ve sold close to $400MILL of transactions for our users around the world.

They have constantly ranked and been fed back that we have the best customer support team in the industry for a software product and always go the extra mile for our users.

they update faster than ANY other platform out there. FACT. Last year we released literally hundreds of updates to the platform, ALL free for their current users.

Just this year alone, they have already rolled out 45 new features, tweaks, fixes and updates to the platform! (An average of almost 4 every working day this year so far)

PLUS also releasing the HUGE new carts, upsell and downsell and success page update and the entire new powerful cart editor functionality as well.

These are just SOME of the reasons why ThriveCart leads the industry in the cart platform field and in any marketing software.

And all of that right now, is a ONE TIME fee, which is an absolutely INSANE deal, which often leads people to assume our value is much lower than it is.

The platform could easily charge $500/mo for the power it provides (that covers multiple entire software platforms) and the service we provide is second to none.

We will soon increase in price and rest assured we will continue to look after all of you to the high level we already have been for years to come.

Get it today!

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