5 Chatbot Builders Reviewed: Get Chatting Faster

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5 Chatbot Builders Reviewed: Get Chatting Faster

By the year 2022, a recent study predicts that chatbots will cut business costs by a collective $8 billion every year.

From always-on service to increasing customer engagement, there’s little doubt that businesses all over the world are reaping the benefit of these technological innovations

That said, not every chatbot is suitable for every business. If you’re concerned that chatbots are too complex to set up, awkward to maintain or feel anxious about leaving your customer service to a thinking machine, don’t worry; there is the ideal chatbot for you.

With millions of potential options, we want to make choosing the right one a little bit easier. As a result, we’re going to look at six chatbots that all offer something a little different. Ready? Let’s go!


If you don’t have any prior coding knowledge, Botify is the chatbot for you. Featuring a simple drag and drop template designer, you will be able to build a chatbot for your website or Facebook Messenger in just a few clicks. What’s more, it’s powered by AI machine learning, so the chatbot gets smarter and more accurate every time it answers a query.

Botsify’s pricing plans

Botisfy is available in a four-tiered pricing plan:

Free – One chatbot and 100 unique users
Basic – $10 per month, three chatbots, and 1,000 unique users
Premium – $30 per month, five chatbots, and 5,000 unique users
Enterprise – $50 per month, 100 chatbots, and 50,000 unique users

Other great Botify features

Botisfy is easy to integrate with WordPress, Shopify, Slack, and many other services. It translates queries in 10 different languages. And if your website is ecommerce, you can integrate the chatbot with popular payment systems, including PayPal and Stripe.

When should you choose Botisfy?

If your customer service budget is spiraling out of control and you need to build a chatbot without any prior programming knowledge.


Strictly speaking, Kit is a virtual marketing assistant with built-in Facebook Messenger functionality. The platform supports businesses automate a wide range of promotional and customer relationship tasks, including sending thank you emails, follow-up texts, setting up social ads, and creating and sending discount codes. A few years ago, Shopify made headlines by acquiring Kit and offering it as a free add-on for its ecommerce website builder. Kit is also an official Facebook Marketing Partner, which means you can manage all these features directly from a Messenger window.

Kit’s pricing plans
Kit is free-for-all Shopify merchants who are on the $29 plan or higher.

Other great Botify features

Kit integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Shopify and several Shopify apps, including Customer Reviews by Yotpo and SEO Manager by Venntov.

When should you choose Botisfy?

When you need support with marketing activities across Facebook or Instagram, but you don’t have the time or budget to hire a marketing expert.

QnA Maker

Implemented correctly, website FAQs ease customer anxiety, make support easier by automating your common queries, and earn trust by showcasing your expertise. Built by Microsoft, QnA Maker is an application that allows you to bring all these benefits to chatbot support.

QnA Maker’s pricing plans

QnA Maker is free. However, there is a limit of three transactions per second and you can only add documents with a maximum file size of 1MB. If you require more transactions or bigger file uploads, there are more comprehensive paid plans.

Other great QnA Maker features

QnA Maker is very easy to use. You’ll be able to build a bot that responds to your customers’ questions in a natural and conversational way in minutes. To get started, all you need to do is feed the chatbot semi-structured content such as website FAQs you’ve already created, URLs, product manuals, and support documents. Absolutely no previous coding experience is needed.

When should you choose QnA Maker?

If you need a cost-effective solution that will automate solving your most common customer queries quickly and easily.


ManyChat lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales, and support. Key features include galleries, attachments, built-in emojis, delayed responses, and call button integration that allows you to receive customer phone calls from your bot. This last feature is particularly crucial when the capability of your chatbot reaches its limit and you need to solve a customer query that has become emotional or complex.

ManyChat’s pricing plans

Althoughthe free plan comes with a generous amount of features, the customer-facing interface incorporates Manychat’s branding – not your own. Starting from $10 per month, the Pro plan is relatively cheap and will allow you to add a custom look to your chatbot.

Other great ManyChat features

The chatbot includes a visual drag and drop builder that will allow you to build your chatbot without any prior programming knowledge. The interface is highly intuitive and means you will likely be able to get create the chatbot you want without reading or watching lengthy tutorials.

Every time you publish new content on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, ManyChat allows you to automatically notify subscribers that have opted-in to your chatbot. It also has built-in Zapier integration, so you can easily connect your bot to your CRM, email marketing, and Google Sheets.

When should you choose ManyChat?

Ifyou want the quickest and most cost-effective way to build a Facebook Messenger bot with escalation routes for call-based support.


After clicking on a Google Search Ad, most people are taken through to a static landing page or lead capture form. TARS, on the other hand, allows you to direct these leads to a chatbot. This means they can ask additional questions and clarify queries, which creates more engagement and often higher conversion rates than traditional PPC landing pages.

TARS’s pricing plans

TARS does not offer a free plan, but there is a try-before-you-buy 14-day free trial that allows you to test its chatbot-building features. Otherwise, the three-tiered pricing plan is as follows:

  • Standard – $49/month, includes five chatbot and 500 chats per month
  • Premium – $129/month includes 10 chatbots and 1,000 chats per month
  • Enterprise – Price varies,  includes 20+ chatbots and 10,000 chats per month

Other great TARS features

TARS’s technical support is excellent. In addition to an intuitive bot-builder, it provides a wide range of FAQs, videos, and training sources that will help you get going with the minimum of fuss. Even though TARS excels as a PPC chatbot, you can easily use the platform to build a booking system, conduct a survey, offers training, and create customer support automation.

When should you choose TARS?

Ifyou want to boost the conversion rates of your landing pages, develop better prospects leads and automate lead generation in one swoop.

Considering the many benefits that chatbots can offer, it’s a good idea for every business to add them to their service offering. However, not every chatbot offers the same functionality and advantages. Whether it’s human-like support or having conversations that boost landing page leads, the chatbots reviewed above can each help boost your business in distinct ways. Now, you just need to decide which is going to make the biggest difference.

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