Cold Emailing Best Practices Quick Tips

michael ruiz cold emailing tips

Cold emailing tips: I was sent a cold email today and I noticed a few issues that I want to share.

1. Make sure your services align with the recipient. The email was for marketing services I already sell. Don’t waste the users time.

2. They were using their business domain. I recommend using a similar business domain ( and so if your emails end up in spam, it won’t affect your business url and regular notification emails. Combine it with G suite, warm up the account for a week, send up to 100-200 a day. Even more if you’re feeling lucky.

3. Keep it short and sweet. I go through tons of emails a day. I need to know what the point is in the first 1-3 sentences. Most business owners do not have the time to read a novel in the morning.

4. Instead of mass cold emailing, research the info you have scraped, find the paint point in the business, and then send them a personalized email highlighting this.

Hope these quick tips help someone who’s on a cold emailing mission!

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