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Every business needs ways to stand out in today’s overcrowded internet space. ¬†Utilize our tools and expertise to help you generate the type of customers that your business requires.¬† Get a step ahead of your competitors by growing your authority in your respective industry.¬† Reach respected media outlets to show your current & future clients the latest news & services your company provides.¬†¬†

The Important Benefits

  • Increased visibility and credibility
  • Repair online reputation for a business or person
  • Kick start or boost a viral campaign
  • Perfect for Youtube videos
  • Rapid indexing of your website by Google
  • Rapid high authority backlinks
  • Picking up media coverage online and offline
  • Drive traffic to your Yelp business page

We Build Relationships

We utilize our media network & journalists to generate the right kind of publicity for your business. Gain the exposure and reap the awards of of hundred's of keyword search engine results to give your business the credibility it deserves.  We drive business to you every time a company searches for your product or service. 

Reputation Management

Take control of your negative online reviews and make sure your business responds promptly. We monitor Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and Facebook reviews to protect your business's reputation. Bury bad reviews with positive press that we control.


Companies naturally have “newsworthy” events happening every day.¬† We create a story around these topics and distribute it as a “Press Release” to hundreds of mainstream media websites.¬†¬†

We recommend 1 per month for as long as you have a marketing budget.  We believe staying in the news often is the best way to promote your business, draw traffic to your website, and find qualified clients & customers.  

Yes!!¬† We have ranked companies for hundreds of keywords on Google search.¬† They also rank in the top-3 “Google Map Pack”.¬† This is a coveted spot and is hard to reach if you don’t have the proper marketing and know-how.¬†¬†

Yes.  We have trained & experienced writers who specialize in press releases to make sure you have the maximum impact and outreach possible.  Most PR agencies will cost upwards of $750 and more to create a release for you. 

We have partnered with a major distribution network that includes Google News, Fox News, NBC affiliates, San Jose Mercury News, and many others.  You can also request a free report that details your syndication.

This is great for SEO.  Our clients have ranked for hundreds of keywords after the first release.  Most end up on the first page of Google within days.  We include links back to your website to drive traffic and high-quality backlinks.  

What Are The Benefits To Your Service? ‚Äč

Press Release Distribution

Press releases have become more versatile than ever before especially in today’s social marketing scene. They’ve obviously been around for a long time but apart from the purposes of announcing a new product launch or a company’s latest acquisition, press releases also provide huge publicity for businesses as well as major SEO benefits.

Increased Web Traffic & Customer Base

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Increased Visibility & Trust

It’s no surprise how people use press releases to maximize their off-page SEO backlinking efforts. Any SEO marketer would tell you the importance of keyword research and anchor backlinks when writing a press release, all for the sake of SEO. The links commonly found on press releases are not there for decorative purposes, but for readers to click so that they can be redirected to your site. And at the end of the day, this means increased traffic! 

Managing & Fixing Your Reputation

Not everyone gets good customer reviews and sometimes just because of one unsatisfied customer, your website’s reputation on SERPs could be completely tarnished. Press release distributions can help you manage your reputation, especially if you’ve been getting negatively flamed for something you might not have done. Optimizing your press releases and sending them out for SEO purposes will help you gain back the positive reputation you deserve, pushing all your negative reviews to the back of SERPs. 

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